AlkaPod parts and specifications:

AlkaPod are produced in a elegant design.

20cm high and 7cm in diameter.

300 milliliters.

Stainless steel (Food Grade 304 #)

Type 304 stainless steel is a material which is recognized for use in household appliances
. It has a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, combined with a maximum of 0.08% carbon. It is defined as a chrome-nickel austenitic alloy.



AlkaPod comes in a beautiful blue and white striped gift box which is 21cm high and 12cm in diameter.
AlkaPod produced in a beautiful design and stainless steel AlkaPod comes in this beautiful gift box.
AlkaPod obtained as a bottle with a screw in stainless steel. AlkaPod hereby become a portable alkaline ionizer, which converts normal water into healthy alkaline ionized water.

The two filters in AlkaPod is made of 13 different types of natural materials, such as: Deep-infrared stone, Marfan stone muyu jade, clay, tourmaline, nano silver powder kaolinske earths, rare earths, etc. They are scientifically composed in accordance with human health in a strong relationship.
AlkaPod filters
Extra filter.
The removable filter should be changed at least once every 12 months, or when the effect fall due to the quantity of water beeing made and the water quality. Replacement of filters made easy and a new filter can be purchased through your dealer.

If you constantly want to achieve the maximum effect, it is advised to replace the removable filter once every 3 months.

Under normal use you should drink 8 bottles of water a day, the filter can then last for one year, generating nearly 3000 bottles of alkaline ionized water, or about 1200 liters.
Extra filter for AlkaPod
Transport Bag for AlkaPod.

Silver and a stylish design.
Makes it easy to bring AlkaPod at all places, for example, for your sport, your job, travel, etc.

Note: The bag is a optional item for AlkaPod.
AlkaPod taske