AlkaPod helps your acid-base balace to a more alkaline environment.
AlkaPod - The easy and natural way to better acid-base balance.

AlkaPod provides drinking water to help your acid-base balance.

Drinking water that helps your acid-base balance

AlkaPod is a portable stainless steel container with 2 sets of filters containing 13 different minerals. In just five minutes can AlkaPod change 300ml plain tap water to the healthiest and alkaline ionized water.

Water is like "medicine" from nature - and it doesn't even cost money.

More than 70% of our body consists of water, so if you can imagine yourself as a walking bag of water held together by skin and bones, you have an idea of how important water is to us and why the body is only as healthy as the water surrounding it.

For example more than 80% of our blood consists of water, the body has vital buffer systems which ensure that balances our blood to a pH of 7.365, therefore this balance are influeded from what you eat and drink. Our moderned diet contains, for the majority of us, unfortunately a great preponderance of acid-forming foods which in the long term can cause health problems and obesity..
By understanding the water and drink the right kind of water, it can help us to us to maintain a good health.

AlkaPod gives you: silky water, Alkaline Balance, Antioxidant potential of small molecular clusters, Antibacterial, Weight loss, anti-cancer-acting.

We know from scientific experiments and for example the book "Reverse Aging" by scientist Sang Whang, that when the environment in the body is too "sour", we grow old faster and our immune system becomes weak. According to the American researcher Dr. Robert O. Young, cancer cells for example can not thrive in an alkaline environment.

It is believed by these scientists and others, that diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, eczema, indigestion, allergies and foggy thinking are all a direct consequence of an acidic environment.