AlkaPod produce alkaline ionized water

Hydrogen stabilizes unstable oxygen and alkaline ionized water has the property that it contains active hydrogen. Alkaline reduced water has plenty of very small molecules of active hydrogen, which can deoxiderer the oxidised cells in the body.

ORP values from AlkaPodNormal tap water often has a pH around 7, and is therefore neutral on the pH scale that goes from 0 to 14. When the water is measured with a ORP meter, the redox potential is approximately 200 to 300 mV (also called redox voltage).
Typical mineral has ORP values in the range +100 to +200 mV. Because it thus has a positive redox potential may acquire electrons and oxidize other molecules. Reduced ionized water, has reversed a negative redox potential of approximately -100 to -250 mV.

This means that this water has a large mass of electrons ready to be donated to the electron-thieving active oxygen, also called free radicals.

This means that it has a large mass of electrons ready to be donated to the electron-thieving active oxygen, also called free radicals.

In AlkaPod natural minerals in contact with water makes it alkaline to produce hydrogen. It includes minerals with more ionizing effect than hydrogen, such as magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) and lithium (Li). Calcium and lithium are good to give the water a good structure. Magnesium liberates electrons which dissolves in water, as shown by the following formula:

Mg + 2 H20 -> Mg2 + + 2OH-+ H2 (H-+ H--> H2)

The water is alkaline by forming OH-, and hydrogen to lower the water redox potential

The water is alkaline by forming OH-, and hydrogen (active hydrogen formed at the same time) to lower water ORP (redox potential) thereby giving the properties to eliminate active oxygen.

Micro-clusters - provides better hydration.

When water molecules are missing an electron (positive ionized) start to share the missing electron. They borrow an electron from each other, causing the water molecules to clump. (This is a typical action with popular bottled water and tap water). This creates a problem because now your cells have difficulty absorbing such a large clumped molecule.

Aquaporiner, opens up for reduced and negative ionized waterOur cell walls have these little channels in them called aquaporins. The aquaporins are the “gatekeepers” that decide what is allowed in our cells and what isn’t allowed in our cells. These aquaporins do not accept clumped and positive ionized water molecules in through the water channel. And for good reason, they are basically free radicals that will damage your cells.
Since most water carries a high positive (+) charge, the aquaporins keep the water out. So even though you are drinking a lot of water, you probably are not hydrating very well on a cellular level.

The molecular structure of normal tap water is reduced and reshaped through a natural process, which is why alkaline reduced water so easily absorbed by the body. Alkaline ionized water creates micro-water molecule clusters. Water exists as groups of water molecules that are weakly bound together. Ionic results in these clusters are reduced to much smaller clusters, making absorption in the body much more efficiently, thus providing better hydration.

Water is thus also very useful as an aid to weight loss. In fact, many cases of obesity characterized by poor hydration. Drinking of alkaline ionized water with its micro-water molecule properties hydrated your body and helps to eliminate acids and fats.

Production of alkaline ionized water from minerals.

To produce alkaline ionized water has hitherto had electrolytic systems. What is new about AlkaPod is that it is now possible to produce such water from minerals. This has the advantage of being cheaper, portable and gives the water a good energy.

Magnesium is an important component in the process, but unfortunately several shortcomings. It is relatively poor to make water condensed structure compared with calcium and its effect on water makes it bitterly, in contrast to calcium. Its effectiveness to react with water to produce alkaline deionized water and hydrogen is reduced gradually. To remedy these weaknesses, improve magnesium's physical properties by producing special alloys that provide a long-term impact to create diffused water and produce hydrogen with alkaline water.

There are other combinations: Ceramics based on calcium, special minerals, which stabilizes the active hydrogen, natural stone, which makes the water structural compaction and increases water solvent and minerals which can cause a catalytic effect. This creates hexagonal water with abundant small clusters of molecules complementary flavor, maintains the ability for a long time to eliminate reactive oxygen species, and add good energy.

Mineral produced water also has weaknesses.

Equipment like AlkaPod which produces alkaline reduced water has the weakness that they need an occasional acid-cleansing because the hydrogen-producing properties fall after a while. Therefore, the upper filter in AlkaPod replaced within every 12 months. But their simplicity and portability makes it a good alternative to the much more expensive systems that produce water from electrolysis. Unlike electrolysis, has the mineral water produced but also the advantage that it provides very good energy compared to the electrolysis-produced alkaline water. Mineral-based systems can combine different minerals, including natural minerals such as tourmaline and jade which is famous for providing deep infrared energy, which is known for its therapeutic benefits.

AlkaPod is portable and uses no electricity.

Mineral based systems now used in a wide range of applications. Because of no electricity needed in a portable device which AlkaPod, you can enjoy ionized water, wherever you are. It can also be used in filters in the filter cartridge in water jugs and cartridges used after filtering in particular, reverse osmosis systems, where they can help to overcome the major limitations of the reverse osmosis water, to give the water the beneficial minerals back .